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On this page you can read about all the artist who did play at my lounge.First 

you see a list of names and days when they played,then :

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to see the total history of all the concerts date 

by date

FIRST THERE WERE some houseconcerts,it wasnt like a season

.1.Maarten Willems,?? (several)

2.Salty Dog ??

3 Sarah Mc Quaid Feb 2009

4 Summerfolk 1- Kings Galliard Juni 2009

SEIZOEN 2009/2010

5.Daithi Rua Sept 2009

6.Pete Morton Okt 2009

7.Kieran Halpin Nov 2009

8. Roy Gullane Dec 2009

9.Tom Mc Conville Jan 2010

10. Maarten Willems April 2010

11 Summerfolk 2 Vicki Swan&Jonny Dyer Juni 2010

SEIZOEN 2010/2011

12.Daithi Rua Sept 2010

13. Bob Fox&Billy Mitchell Okt 2010

14. Ewan Mc Lennan&David Ferrard Nov 2010

. BIG SESSION 1 Nov 2010

15. Niamh Parsons,with Graham Dunne-Dec 2010

16. SALTY DOG,new years gig Jan 2011

17. Sarah Mc Quaid Feb 2011

. Dancing in the lounge nr 1 Maart 2011

18. Celtann Maart 2011

19. Maarten Willems met Frenk van Meeteren April 2011.

20. Summerfolk 3-0John O’Dreams Juni 2011

SEIZOEN 2011/2012

21. Daithi Rua with The Teetotallers Sept 2011

22. Pure Irish Drops Sept 2011

23. Phil Hare,with Paul O’Brien Okt 2011

24. Other Roads Nov 2011

25. Martin Hutchinson,with FINVARRA Nov 2011

26. Pete Grassby Dec 2011

27. Vin Garbutt Dec 2011

28. SALTY DOG<new year="" s="" gig="" jan="" 2012

29. Flossie Malavialle&Chris Parkinson Jan 2012

30. Vicki Swan&Jonny Dyer,with Botswing Febr 2012

31. Stephen Quigg Maart 2012

32. Bob Martin Maart 2012

33. Maarten Willems met Frenk van Meeteren April 2012

34. Brian McNeill Mei 2012

35. Tom Mc Conville Mei 2012

36. Summerfolk 4,Jon&Gill Loomes Juni 2012

SEIZOEN 2012/13

37. Daithi Rua Sept 2012

38. Niamh Parson with Graham Dunne Okt 2012

39.Lucy Ward Okt 2012

40. Paul O’Brien&Kate Huber Nov 2012

41.Linde Nijland with Bert Ridderbos &Fred Piek-Dec 2012

42. SALTY DOG <new years="" gig="" jan="" 2013

43. Alan Reid&Rob van Sante Jan 2013

44. Ailie Robertson Feb. 2013

45. Sarah Mc Quaid Maart 2013

46. Stephen Quigg with Pernilla Maart 2013

47. Maarten Willems. met Frenk van Meeteren April 2013

48. Kirsty Mc Gee&Quiet Loner with FINVARRA –April 2013

49.Meryam Backhouse(Erasmus)with Edie Carey- Mei 2013

50. Kyle Carey&Craigh Werth with Ronnie Goodin Mei 2013

51. Summerfolk 5- PILGRIMS WAY

SEIZOEN 2013/14

52. Judith Haswell&Trish MacLean Sept 2013

53. Phil Hare with An Scadan Og Okt 2013

54. Lucy Ward Okt 2013

55. Martyn Wyndham Read with 4 somefolk Nov 2013

56. OTHER ROADS Nov 2013

57. Simon Kempston with the Teetotallers Dec 2013

58. Tom Mc Conville&Chris Newman Jan 2014

59.Hannah Martin&Philip Henry Febr 2014

60. Pete Morton,with Chris Parkinson&Roger Wilson-Maart 2014

61.Maarten Willems&Fred Piek met Frenk van Meeteren.April 2014

62. Tommy Sands April 2014

63.Bill Parker with Sheep on the boat ,Mei 2014

64.Summerfolk6,with Roy Gullane,June 2014

SEIZOEN 2014/15

65.CELTANN,opening the season

66.Greg Russell,solo

67.Vicki Swan&Jonny Dyer ,nov 20

68. Paul O'Brien with An Scadan Orga,dec 2014

69.Daithi Rua with Tijn Berends, Jan. 2015

70.Linde Nijland and Bert Ridderbos, Febr.2015

71.Flossie Malavialle ,March 2015

72. Maarten Willems&Fred Piek,met Ad Grooten, April 2015

73. Steve Ashley,Juni 2015

74. Summerfolk 7,met Bill Adair &Mischa Mc Pherson,Juni 2015

SEIZOEN 2015/2016

75. Katriona Gilmore &Jamie Roberts,Sept 2015

76.Golden Bough,Sept 2015

77.Miriam Erasmus with support from Cathy Shannon,Okt 2015

78.Nimue,Okt 2015

79.Craobh Rua ,Nov 2015

80.Lucy Ward ,Nov 2015

81.Pete Grassby , Dec 2015

82.Fred Piek&Maarten Willems,with Frank Verlaan,Jan 2016

83.Roger Wilson &Chris Parkinson , Jan 2016

84.Bram Taylor ,March 2016

85.Alan Reid&Rob van Sante, April 2016

86.Jos Koning&Anouk Platenkamp met Maarten Willems,April 2016

87.O'Hooley&Tidow,Mei 2016

88. Summerfolk8 met Otto Groote/ Greg Russell&Ciaran Algar

Seizoen 2016/17

89.Damian Clarke ,Sept 2016

90.Ray Cooper ,Sept 2016

91.Sam Kelly duo (Sam Kelly&Jamie Francis),Okt 2016

92.Vicki Swan&Jonny Dyer ,with support from Evrin, Okt 2016

93.Roos Galjaard&Sebastiaan Wiering,Nov 2016

94.Siobhan Owen,Nov 2016

95.Foolsgold,Dec 2016

96.Helen Flaherty &Philip Masure ,Jan 2017

97.Ewan Mc Lennan,Jan 2017

98.George Papapvgeris,Feb 2017

99.Hattie Briggs with Jasmine Scott-Neal ,March 2017

100.Simon Kempston,March 2017

101 .Paul O'Brien (special guest Cath Shannon)/Maarten Willems with 

                                    Frank Verlaan and Gertjan Kaaijen ,April 2017

102. Stephen & Pernilla Quigg,April 2017

103.Summerfolk 9- Kieran Halpin/Dan Mc Kinnon,Juni 2017

Seizoen 2017/18

104.Wildwood Jack ,Sept 2017

105.Enda Kenny,Sept 2017

106.Fleetwood /Cave,Okt 2017

107.Winter Wilson,Okt 2017

108.Daithi Rua,with Katja van der Poorten, Dec 2017

109.Flossie Malavialle&Chris Parkinson,Jan 2018

110.Craobh Rua ,Jan 2018

111.Katryn Robert&Sean Lakeman, Febr 2018

112.Greg Russell&Ciaran Algar ,Maart 2018

113.Fred Piek/Maarten Willems trio ,April 2018

114.Kyle Carey with Erin Martell,April 2018

115. Last night fun ,May 2018

116.Summerfolk 10,June 2018,

                      with Robert Lane/Miriam Erasmus and HECLA

Season 2018/19

117.Johnny Campbell ,Sept 2018

118.Anthony John Clarke, Oct 2018

119. Vaste gasten ,Nov 2018

120.Phil Hare, Dec 2018

121.Daria Kulesh , Dec 2018

122.Gullane&de Jong ,Jan 2019

123. Vicki Swan&Jonny Dyer ,Jan 2019

124 .TEN YEAR FOLK IN THE LOUNGE (celebrations 16 Maart 2019)

         met : Amelia Hogan /Pete Grassby/The Quiggs

      AND SPECIAL BIRTHDAY celebrations:Karin&Rietje 15o jaar in

         Zeeheldentheater met diverse artsist,17 maart 2019(Zie beschrijving 

hieronder )

125 .Julie&Andreas ( A summerspecial) July 2019

126.Simon Kempston ,Sept 2019

127.Colum Sands,Okt 2019

128.GreenMatthews,Okt 2019

129.The whispering tree,Nov 2019



130. Simon Kempston ,okt 2021

131.  Maarten Willems trio ,feb 2022

132.Niamh Parsons with Graham Dunne ,april 2022

133.The Quiggs,mei 2022

SEASON (kind of) 22/23

134. Simon Kempston with Bronwyn Claire,oktober 2022

135. Gott Folk ,december 2022

136. Linde Nijland met Bert Ridderbos ,januari 2023

137.Maarten Willems trio ,februari 2023

138.GreenMatthews,maart 2023

139. 4 REEL ,juli 2023 (celebrate Karin's pre-pensioen)

PLEASE TAKE NOTE I did stop to write about the gigs (for the moment) out of time for it it seems...BUT I love them all. 

2021Oktober 26 

AND THEN finally he came along,after three attempts to plan in,but because of the circumstances not possible at all.However there he was at a lovely Autumnnight October 26,just on a Tuesday ,because I could catch him just between his tour travelling further on to Germany. HOW good it was to see him back,this great musician,guitar player and singer/songwriter from Dundee(living in Edinburgh)He made an amzing night for new and goldie oldies audience.In a very intimate atmos[phere. I loved the fact he was back and he made it possible to organize another houseconcert after all this time...How special was this .....Lovely he and I are back on the road... lets hope it will be the start of lots of others to come along at Karin's lounge....


November 13

The whispering tree

It was some time ago since I booked them in and because I didnt see or hear 

them live before it was a big surprise to find out alla bout these most 

wonderful musicians.

They came from far from the other end of the ocean.USA ,although with 

English &French roots.

Beautiful songs with lovely tunes.All together a very memorable night. It 

seems the last of 2019 and ended so a episode of ten years lounge concerts at 

my home. BUT offcourse I m not planning to stop,but its time for me to 

book more gigs in for the last moment ,Finding time and space for 

spontanous acts So I dont have to say “No”to musicians because I m allready 

booked in for 3 years ahead,like it happened some times. SO Cheers tot he 

future……..A big happening will be most certain in October 2020- 7th . SO 

keep an eye at my sight…..At their site:

The Franco-American duo, which includes singer/songwriter Eleanor 

Kleiner and multi-instrumentalist Elie Brangbour, craft richly immersive 

folk-rock brimming with evocative lyrics, nature imagery, perspectives from 

travel, and a panoramic musicality that encompasses traditional folk, indie 

rock, classic rock, and 1960s pop and rock n’ rolln............

October 30


Yeh then the lovely duo from Good Old England: Sophie Matthews &Chris 

Green came along to play at my lounge.

It became a really superb autumn night with lots of 

stories,tunes,songs&interaction . AND it was amazing how many 

instruments they could play .The atmosphere at my lounge changed easily in 

times from the past.

The history of music it all was there!!

How lovely to catch them back,after their performance at my lounge during 

a double set&session with Joseph Peach,Charlie Grey&Mabel Duncan some 

years ago.

They know so well how to tell all the stories around the songs &tunes. I 

really loved it and the audiece thought it was very enjoyable too.

October 13,Sundayaftertoon

And the there came the brother of Tommy ,who came along a few years ago:

Colum Sands from the big name family Sands .

Very Irish,with loads of storytelling and great Irish ,most of them 

selfpenned songs. He was very good in the interaction with the audience 

and a very sympathic man.

Good to listen to ,a good choice of songs he did make ,with lots of chorusses 


Although not that many people in ,helas ..there was a good atmosphere & a 

lovely jamsession there came afterwards too

Thanks everybody who joined in there too.

YEH it really was something this last Sundayafternoonconcert of the 

concerts at my lounge with the man from County Down :Colum Sands !!

 His site tells us : Colum Sands is a universal storyteller who draws on a long Irish 

tradition of poetic musicality to weave songs for the world.

Colum Sands has performed in over thirty countries around the world, confirming 

the universal appeal for the songs and stories with which he observes the minute and 

often humorous details of life.

A member of the internationally renowned Sands Family from County Down, 

Colum established his reputation as a songwriter with the release of his first solo 

album, Unapproved Road in 1981. Songs like Whatever you say, say nothing, and 

Almost every Circumstance were soon in the repertoire of artists from Billy Connolly to 

Maddy Prior and June Tabor.

Sunday afternoon ,Sept 8 .

And then Simon Kempston,the lovely guitarist and singer/songwriter from 

Dundee(living in Scotland)Edinburgh was back in town.SO happy he came 

back to my lounge. A wellknown musician by the audience by now and a real 

friend for me & my family I was so happy to see him once again. What a 

lovely time we al had. The way he is singing and playing I do like very much. 

And I love the way he tells the stories around his songs. Special the one 

around Marcus is very funny. Happy times we had with Simon last 

November ,when he did take Robbie Greig,the great fiddelplayer of Tannara 

once to my lounge to play the set&session 7 .And when he was there to 

celebrate my 100st gig in March 2017 as he came the first time in the middle 

of my Christmas decorations,with a support of the formely Teetotallers.And 

happy times now....Not that many people as an audience ....BUT a lovely 

atmosphere....Thanks all who joined in and thanks Simon for coming over 

once again to my little lounge...!!

Fridaynight July 12

Julie &Andreas

We all had a really superb duperb time with the amazing duo from Norway 

:Julie &Andreas.Very good musicians with lovely instruments ,the 

bandoneon in combination with the harp did bring in a really beautiful 

atmosphere. They did bring the audience in a very enthousiatic mood. From 

Celtic,Norwegian ,self written tunes and some lands of South America. In 

fact it was a premiere of two kinds: first musicians from Norway and first 

time a real bandoneon into my lounge. I did enjoy all the moments,and so 

did the audience,which was prooved by the long applauses and standing 

ovation in the end. Thank you so much Henry Mensink for bringing these 

two musicians on my path.And big thanks to all those lovely people, who 

did bring a full house again. And very special it was to listen to the 

jamsession afterwards ,although small ,lovely with Maarten &Lenneke ,his 

cousin on the fiddle together. And so good to see Jan Nijkamp back !!

March 16&17 2019

AND then finally the special birthdayweekend in combination with ten 

years folk in the lounge was suddenly there Loads of preparations were 

made for this all But it most certainly was all worth it Many people were 

involved ( musicians,helpers, guests&audience) they all were marvellous 

Thank you all so much for being there and take part of it all Saturday March 

16 th we started at 17.30h to welcome the guest with soup&sandwiches 

instead of the normal coffee&tea ( Thank you so much Els Walenburg for 

the amazing pumpkin soup When everybody was settled in and sit down it 

was time for me to speak a few words in memory of the lovely regular 

folkguest of my lounge :Linda van Twist , who passed away recently so 

unexpected Thanks to Hoss Wilstra for his lovely text Then time to change 

for happy times to start of the celebrations of ten years folk in the lounge 

with the wonderful Amelia Hogan , all the way from USA a Lady with Irish 

roots , singing like an angel In good company of Simon Oak and happy to 

play on the boroughed shrutibox from Hans Ensing After that it was time for 

the wellknown for my lounge Pete Melodeon ( Grassby) special back for 

this weekend from

England A very pleasant man and a lovely musician and singer Ever so good 

on all different instruments and the hammered dulcimer is still one of my 

favourites The last part of the evening was filled in by the very good duo 

from Scotland & Denmark : Stephen ( former McCalmans) & Pernille 

Quigg Well knows to my lounge also and How lucky I was to catch them 

back After all this performances there was a wonderful final cause all the 

artists came back on ‘stage’ to sing the heartwhelming wellknown song from 

Robbie Burns : Wild mountain thyme I loved it !!! The jamsession 

afterwards was also a big happening cause many people were able to stay in 

to listen or to make music THANK YOU all so very much for making this 

celebration of ten year folk in the lounge so lovely for me! Then it was 

Sundaymorning March 17 th About ten people were able to help me with the 

preparations in the lovely Zeeheldentheater in de Trompstaat Because of Jan 

Erik Noske it was all possible to use this place How handy & clever Jan 

Nijkamp was ,assisted by others to make golden ballons on a string And in 

no time there was a place ready for celebrating And there was a good reason 

for it cause my mum & me were 150 years together So the party was called : 

Karin& Rietje 150 Lots of people joined in , family & friends and lots of 

folkies It was really superb to realize so many people were able to make time 

to join in this day The party started with : Voorheen echte mannen ( duo of 

Henk Dorrestijn & Rene Swaab ) They came before at M@K circle nights 

Great lyricus& entertainment After that is was time to listen to Musonius ( 

Martijn Breeman ) wonderful troubadour Many times at my Summerfolk 

parties in my lounge How nice he is working at a cd now .. Then there was 

the Maarten Willems trio this time without Frank Verlaan , but with Frenk 

van Meeteren Allways a pleasure to listen to them Lovely songs & tunes 

.which stay in your mind , even when they were finished .Then time to dance 

with caller& musician Pete Melodeon ,who once did do this for me before at 

an English dancing afternoon in the Musicon Once again it was great So 

great Jos Koning & Leo de Kruis decided to play with Pete .So this became 

the shortest excisting band ever ( just about 45 minutes ) like Leo said .The 

dances & music were absolutely great After a little break time to go on with 

a lovely man from UK ; Terry Helyar wellknown in The Hague by organizing 

gigs in cafe de Stamboom and quiet a regular visitor to my lounge A 

musician with a beautiful voice and he even took his grandkids on stage 

How wonderful was that Then it was time for 2 man of the group de Vaste 

gasten ( Jos & Leo ) allready in full set at my lounge last November NL 

folkband from Nijmegen Once again they were marvellous And also the no- 

folkies in the audience were very enthusiastic about them After that one if 

my favourite Irish singer/song writer came in stage How I love his songs & 

tunes And How lovely it was that once again he performed the song special 

once at request for Lara : Black is the color I loved it The afternoon went by 

quickly and finally it was time for the great musician Frenk van Meeteren 

accompined by Ruud Schoemakers , amazing at his instrument ! Finally 

there was the Réunion of the folkband Kings Galliard without Jørn v d Plas , 

but with the lovely singer Sharon Bradley A really lovely surprise AND they 

were great ! In the end there was another big surprise organized by Maarten 

Willems to sing me his song inspired by me : Het leven is een feest How 

wonderful all the artists joined in for that song all together at stage It did 

make me all so happy ! Thank you all so much to be a part of this !! UNDER 

this article there will be the info I did write down about the artists to 

announce them before they performed :

Amelia Hogan

Amelia Hogan was singing before she could walk. She sings traditional Irish 

songs of the Sean-Nos or Old Style, plus Scottish, British, American, and 

Contemporary folk music with lilting grace and a subtle power. Much of this 

music is meant to be sung by the fire to a very intimate audience. You'll be 

transported into another time and place where the banshee cries and lovers 

embrace. Haunting melodies, stirring passion, and evocative storytelling is 

what you'll find. Transplants: From the Old World to the New is her 2013 

recording with guitarist Ray Frank. She has performed from Oregon to New 

York, Ireland to San Francisco and back again. Slàinte! 

Pete Grassby

As a performer Pete seems to adapt to any club audience and present a 


and enjoyable mixture of material, from the unaccompanied ‘Bad Times just 

Around The Corner’ by Noel Coward, to Ledbelly’s ‘Alberta’ on guitar. A 

typical first half set will include melodeons, an unaccompanied ballad, some 

Hammer Dulcimer and a couple of chorus songs! Recently, an interest in 

story-telling has developed from his joke telling abilities.

The Quiggs:

Stephen Quigg

Stephen Quigg has long since established himself on the Scottish folk scene 

and after more than thirtyfive years of singing, he is still dedicated to the 

music and the songs of Scotland. Stephen accompanies himself on guitar 

and bodhran (occasionally also the banjo when he remembers to bring it) 

and with an outstanding voice, you can watch him capture the attention of 

any audience. Through wit, charm and an obvious love and respect for the 

music he delivers, Stephen has gained many constant followers, who travel 

regularly to his gigs in Scotland and beyond.


 Pernille Rützou Quigg

is originally from Denmark but has been living on the west coast of 

Scotland for the past 13 years. She released her debut album ´Driftwood´ 

in 2012 and has since released two albums ´River of Time´(2015) and ´Seeds I 

didn´t Sow´(2017) as part of her duo with her husband Stephen Quigg. The 

Quiggs now live, love and work together most of the time in harmony ;-) and 

can be found roundabouts on the folk scene in Scotland and abroad.


Duo Henk Dorresteijn & Rene Swaab traden voor de 2e keer op tijdens een 

Maarten@Karinavond bij mij thuis onlangs in Oktober 2018

Als het duo " Voorheen de Echtûh Mannûh" Een gaaf duo vol grappen en grollen en 

smeulende Nederlandstalige teksten. Zeer zeker de moeite waard 

om een in ogenschouw te nemen.


Martijn Breeman

Achter troubadour Musonius (de naam betekent 'tot de muzen behorende') 

gaat Martijn Breeman schuil.Op jonge leeftijd nam hij gitaarles en begon al 

snel zijn eigen liedjes te schrijven. Vele keren actief op de 

Summerfolkparties in mijn lounge. Op velerlei verzoek is hij onlangs de 

studio ingegaan om aan zijn eerste cd te werken. Hopelijk is deze cd ,nu of 

zeer binnenkort te koop.


Is Frank Verlaan ,Gerjan Kaijen en Maarten Willems .Bekend van diverse 

optredens op diverse locaties. Altijd mooi geschreven liedjes door Maarten 

himself. Met een knipoog naar het leven. Over geboorte ,dood en de liefde . 

Vaak voorkomend uit een gedicht. Soms geinspireerd op bestaande 

situaties. Deunen die na blijven dreunen in je hoofd, zoals het lied : De 

klokken van de Beeklaan bij het Haags songfestival eens deed. En het 

welbekende afsluitingsliedje :Ik wil weg voor dat het niet meer leuk is.

PETE GRASSBY ,caller,musician&singer. Leading the ceilidh.Great 

entertaining last time for my dance party in MUSICON ,Dec 2015 . Back 

again for my special birthdayweekend. (As he is in my lounge to perfom Sat 

night March 16).


Well known in UK as organizer,playing&singing. Recording&leading 

jamsessions.Starting to be wellknown now in The Netherlands too. First as 

my audience, now as organizing

lovely music meetings in Cafe de Stamboom as folk&easy listening nights. 

How I love his voice and what a special moment it was, when he did 

deticated the song :If you were het only girl in the world to me at one of the 

nights at my place. Feel lucky he was able to play at my party too.

VASTE GASTEN (part of:Jos&Leo)

Doorgewinterde muzikanten van weleer streken afgelopen herfst neer in 

mijn lounge. Ik was zeer onder de indruk van hun spel en teksten .Hoe fijn is

 het dat ik een deel van hun bereid heb gevonden om hier wederom wat te 

komen fiddelen. Luister naar de gave testen van Leo de Kruis en het mooie 

begeleidende vioolspel van Jos de Koning . Het wordt genieten.


So happy On of my favourite Irish singer/songwriters did say yes to my 

question to be a part of my special birthday celebrations. For my lounge he 

was the one who started the cuddle with sheep and made him into a 

mascotte .AND the only one who played six times at my lounge. The first 

time he performed was in 2009,so by that he became the first male musician 

from oversea to play at my little loungeRemarkable: Daithi Rua ( David 

Donegan) means Iers voor 'Rode David'


Welbekend in Den Haag en ver daar buiten ,de werkelijk geweldige 

muzikant Frenk van Meeteren. Onlangs aangesloten als lid van Dutch 

Swing College band. In bezit van een groot muzikaal verleden. Mijn eerste

kennismaking met hem was in de eind jaren ’70 toen hij hoge ogen gooide 

met de Dutch folkband Kings’s Galliard. Kunnen jullie je voorstellen, hoe 

grandioos blij ik ben, dat hij er mee instemde om tijd vrij te maken om op 

mijn feestje te komen spelen. Geweldig was hij ook in 2006 bij het 

toenmalige herdenkingsfeest ter ere van mijn geheel onverwacht overleden 

lieve vader Maarten Pronk. Frenk speelde ook vele malen mee met en deed 

studiowerk voor de liedjes van Maarten Willems. Maakte grote tournees met 

zijn string band The Crooks .Deze band speelde 10 jaar samen. Prachtig 

hierna in het trio ook in het trio Stop Look & Listen(met Evert Willemstijn 

en Rens v d Zalm )Hij gaf mij in 2008 het benodigde zelfvertrouwen toen ik 

geheel onverwachts besloot Maarten te verrassen op zijn special birthday 

party in Lokaal Vredebreuk met het liedje “Iets goed komt ook 

onverwachts”. NOOIT zou ik dit aangedurfd hebben ware het niet ,dat hij 

tegen mij zei :”Je kan het..We gaan het doen !”En hoe fijn was dat. Een groot 

kenner en verzamelaar van 78toeren platen, waar hij leuke programma’s 

omheen organiseert. Zo bijzonder dat hij hier vandaag solo aanwezig is en 

ook nog in het reunie gebeuren met King’s Galliard. !!!

KINGS’S GALLIARD (part of,vandaag hier: Jan Erik Noske,Lenneke 

Willems en Frenk van Meeteren ) Ik durfde ze te vragen ,omdat zij immers 

een fantastisch concert verzorgden in mijn lounge bij de eerste Summerfolk 

party ,georganiseerd in 2009 The wonderful folkgroup from Den Haag 

maakte eind jaren ‘70 furore in the folkscene. Hoe gaaf was het toen zij toen 

der tijd optraden in het Theater aan de Haven(de Dansende beer) 

Legendarische tijden ,De band maakte diverse tours o.a. naar Denemarken 

en Zwiterland en wonnen prijzen in het land van de folk : Ierland

LOVELY to see them today !! Dank aan Frenk,Lenneke en JanErik die hier 

allen welwillend tegenover stonden, toen ik ze het vroeg. Special thanks ook 

voor Jan Erik ,die het Zeeheldentheater vandaag ter mijne beschikking stelt. 

Zonder hem zou dit feestje niet op deze manier kunnen plaats vinden.

Vicki Swan &Jonny Dyer

Sunday afternoon

Januari 27

What a lovely time we all had with the most wonderful folkduo from 

England/half Swedish/Scottish combination.

The wellknown : Vicki Swan&Jonny Dyer.

Its nice to realize Maarten Willems and me were in the beginning of the start 

of playing nickelharpa by Vicki.I remember the day in 2006/7 ?? she said on 

stage at Warwick folkfestival;”I do have a new instrument and I will like to 

play on that a lot in future” And she did explain something about this 

amazing instrument the nickelharpa and played a tune on it. By then she still 

was much involved in the Scottish smallpipe and whistles. Which she also 

played so well.

Although there was no time for those instruments to play at in my lounge 


Because there were so many tunes and songs to play with her 4 !!!( Vicki did 

announce them well)different nickelharpa’s .

For years Vicki did make nickelhats for her project…to buy a new 

nickelharpa AND she did manage to do so.

Nice to see two people of my audience still wearing them,cause they bought 

them once, as I did and still every winter when the weather becomes cold ,its 

so warm to put on and I feel lucky I did buy

They were once again amazing. They came for he first time to my lounge in 

the summer of 2010 for my second Summerfolkparty. Its was the only gig at 

that moment and how happy I was that they said yes to my offer and only 

came for one gig all over to the Netherlands.

 Most happy to realize that nowadays since then, they are able to maken 

bigger tours in Holland &Germany. Cause they are worth it. They came for 

the 5th time to my home and only one other musician (Daithi Rua) did one 

more… SO hopefully ,who knows they will come again in future to play 

another time.

 Very special to listen to a lovely big new instrument Jonny did play on. 

Lovely audience and so nice to see another FULL HOUSE again,after some 

gigs with just a few people around a nice change for the better.

Thanks all for the great help to make the buffet to a succes .AND what a 

great sesssion afterwards it was. Thank you all dear people, who played all a 

part in this really superb duperb winterafternoon.

Gullane&de Jong

 Zaterdag 12 januari 2019

Op hun site : Gullane & De Jong, from Roy Gullane and Erik de Jong. Roy is a 

Scotsman living in Groningen, The Netherlands. From here, he plans tours for his 

long existing and famous band the Tannahill Weavers. In Groningen, he also met 

Erik in O’Ceallaigh’s Traditional Music Bar, the place to be in Groningen for 

Irish/Scottish musicians. Erik is also an experienced musician, and founder of

In 2007, Roy and Erik decided to form a duo, most suitable to play in folkclubs and 

on festivals. They try to bring Celtic music with as much variation as possible, using 

different kinds of instruments and by playing all kinds of tunes as well as singing 

songs (or a combination of both). We hope you’ll like our first album ‘Jink and 

Diddle’ (2014).

The first gig in my lounge in 2019 was played by the wonderful Roy Gullane 

from the Tannies and the amazing Erik de Jong . I allready found out by 

listening to their cd they are a marvellous.duo.AND they did proove to be 


It was great to see Roy back at my home after 5 years…This seems to be this 

rythme to play here,cause the first time he came along was in December 

2009, back in 2014 (both solo) and now in 2019 with Erik.

They makes a fine combination. The tunes Erik plaed made the performance 

even stronger I think. And how lovely it was they way they made the 

interaction with the audience together. Beautiful songs,great chorusses with 

the audience.energectic tunes it did made the lounge into a very lively 

Scottish atmosphere.ready to dance .It all fitted in perfectly. Afterwards 

these lovely musicians even did find loads of energy to play with lovely 

musicians from the audience to play a really superb jamsession,which did 

make it possible to dance in the middle of the lounge. I loved dit…!

Thank you Roy&Erik and thanks all very much !

Daria Kulesh

December 2018

And there was the last gig of the year for her&me.

She was born in Russia ,living in UK now and came from London all the 

way by bus. It was exciting to catch her from the Central Station and apart 

from the lovely performance she gave on Saturdaynight it was a very big 

pleasure to spend a weekend with her too.

What a most wonderful voice she has, what a wonderful way of laughing. 

Telling the stories around her selfpenned songs,it was all amazing…

She enjoyed to give all the attention to the people when they want to have a 

chat with her.

Also very special to see her artwork too.

Very interesting also to learn some Russian words, as she herself was 

curious to know the Dutch words. How special it was the song she teached 

the audience with the encore.We all were in the right atmosphere.

Great she enjoyed the jamsession too and lovely to share this with the 

people who were able to come to the lounge once again. Very multicultural 

we became by new faces of her Russians friends and the student from the 

Phillepines. A big thanks to all of you !!!

Phil Hare ,December 2018

And then it was Christmas atmosphere in my lounge and time for the first 

concert in December .

The lovely Phil Hare was able to return to my lounge ,cause he had gigs in 

Belgium too,on that Sundayafternoon with his lovely wife Stephanie.

A great guitarist with a lovely voice.

Even more special cause he came back after quiet a few years.

Good te realize that he did make real fans the last two times he performed at 

my place. And superb to see Richard Schoon back in this case.

Phil once again proved to be a very good musician with lots of umor and 

storytelling between. Songs&tunes who settled down in your head.

It all felt very good once again.

Hope to see more of him in future times !

Vaste gasten

In Karin’s lounge.

Zondag 25 November 2018

Wat een middag.

Hoe fijn was het om vanuit Nijmegen de folkgroep “de vaste gasten”te 


Het plan ontstond door een mail, die ik ontving van de fantastische violist 

Jos Koning, die eerder een dubbeloptreden in mijn lounge verzorgde met zijn 

duo genoot Anouk Platenkamp : Plaisir d’amour/-versus liedjesschrijver 

Maarten Willems. 

 Hij was nl kortgeleden een groep gestart met oude rasmuzikanten 

welbekend uit de jaren 80 .De sfeer was grandioos.  

Zelf schreef Jos hierover:

De Vaste Gasten (uit Nijmegen) bestaan uit de ‘westelijke folk-veteranen’ 

gitarist/zanger Leo de Kruis en violist/zanger Jos Koning, samen met 

contrabassist Marcel Snijders en percussionist Niek Edeling. 

Doorgewinterde muzikanten die elkaar vaak ontmoeten in het akoestische 

muziekcafé De Genegenheid onder de Hemel. Eigen Nederlandse liederen 

en instrumentals, originele teksten met een knipoog. Akoestisch, 

doortimmerd en soepel - wat wil je ook met muzikanten met ieder zó'n lange 

staat van dienst! 

Wat een enthousiasme en energie stralen deze werkelijk grootse muzikanten 

met zijn allen uit. Een groot genoegen om naar te luisteren.

Veel verscheidenheid in slagwerk en mooie instrumenten en zang bij elkaar 

afgewisseld met prachtige verhalen bij de eigen geschreven liedjes.

Na afloop volop tijd voor een gezellige meet&greet en lekker buffet ,dankzij 

mijn vaste gasten.

Aangevuld met nieuwe gezichten ,die zeker ook een aanwinst vormden voor 

de jamsession na afloop.

Dank aan allen. 

Anthony John Clarke

Zondagmiddag Oct 7 -2018

He finally came to my lounge last Sundayafternoon; Anthony John Clarke. 

He was waiting for that a long time,which was amazing, cause he is such a 

lovely musician and a big name too. BUT somehow it ditnt fit in all over the 

years. Well in the end it worked out perfectly ok…And he was worth waiting 


…WHAT a great musician,what a lovely lyrics,tunes ,storytelling,jokes 

amking and performances and above all :

WHAT a wonderful man. It was lovely to catch him for my lounge.

I felt very happy after this afternoonconcert in this last real season.

Thank s all who joined in and stayed for the session afterwards too. It was 

good ! Underneath you can read a good part of his biographie&reviews 

about him.

Singer / songwriter

In 1996 on a beach in Enniscrone Co. Sligo, Anthony John Clarke sat down and 

spent an hour and a half writing “Tuesday Night is Always Karaoke” now a folk 

classic, but you’d be mistaken to judge this body of work on these 90 minutes. Hard 

on the heels of this song followed “The Broken Years” & “The Only Life Gloria 

Knows”, just two of a 15 Album catalogue of songs that guaranteed this wordsmith a 

place in the heart of the folk scene.

” Anthony John Clarke is the real drop, he understands songwriting and the light 

and shade” - Colum Sands

The Man Himself AJC

Anthony John Clarke: (Singer/songwriter, sublime raconteur.)

"We all look at life, people and things. Anthony John knows how to SEE what we 

look at, and uses his depth of compassion and insight to write songs which make us 

look again. Like tidal water, he is gently but inexorably powerful."

            --- Simon Nicol

" He can charm his way into your affections before the first song is finished"

                   ---Ian Bruce

"Anthony John makes you feel every emotion. Absolutely fabulous entertainer!!!!!"

             ----Jenny Williams

Anthony John Clarke: (Singer/songwriter, sublime raconteur.) You think he is 

singing a love song and all of a sudden he turns it into something else.

              ---Alan Power

Not only has he written four of the most popular songs on the folk scene – ‘The Only 

Life Gloria Knows’,

‘The Broken Years’, ‘Walking On Sunday’ and the immortal ‘Tuesday Night is 

Always Karaoke’, but he remains

in essence the reason that folk clubs and festivals continue to thrive!

He is hilarious, serious, compassionate, irreverent, brave, challenging, and a proper

guitarist with an instantly recognisable voice.

Johnny Campbell

Zaterdagavond 15 September

And then it became the start of a new season (probaly the last 

“real”one)cause I like to go on ,but more in a spontanous atmosphere,instead 

of planning ahead for more then 2 ½ years as it became sometimes…..

This new season which will be ending in March 2019 allready. cause there 

will be a big celebration time of special birthdays and 10 years folk in the


.After that gigs are allready planned in for Autumn 2019

After that ONE BIG SURPRISE ….Keep an eye on my 

site and facebookevents ,and check your mails/messengers regular,when you r on my 

list… you will be updated anyhow…

Coming back to this musician from Manchester ,wasnt he great?

The way he choosed all those lovely songs&tunes. And his own material 

very good also.

I was very happy I was able to let him perform at my lounge,since he was 

touring around in The netherlands and could find a gap between……perhaps 

we will see and hear more from him in the future. I most certainly hope so.

Thanks to the people who were able to join in this evening,although helas it 

wasnt a full house at all…it was very nice filled in with enthusiastic people …

so happy about that too.

Lovely jamsession afterwards with beautiful whistle music from Gert van de 

Slikke,Maarten Willems on fiddle, Jolande at spoons, Engelberthus Pronk 

great singing and Jan Nijkamp with his lovely voice…Thank you al lso much !

Summerfolk 10

June 16-2018



Miriam Erasmus wrote : There are few people who have "put their necks 

out" as much as Karin Pronk for their love of folkmusic. 10 years ago she 

realised there was nowhere to hear folk music in The Hague, so she took a 

leap of faith and invited her favourite folk artists from UK and Nederlands 

into her lounge to entertain her like minded friends. It is a great success, and 

many of Folk's top artistes have sung here. This is my 3rd visit, and may be 

her last Summerfolk. What a super day to look forward to xxx

 SO this became the tenth Summerfolk and most possible the last one (for a 

few years, cause you never know) BUT it seemed really to hard to fill in the 

lounge at June, so in the end there were allmost more artists then audience.

 Although that fact didnt really matter,because there were so many artists it 

could really filled in the room and the atmosphere was really superb 

duperb.And lucky me I was sponsored by Elly Goos and Maarten Willems.

We start the open mic exactly on time at 16 h with the wonderful Ian 

Hartwell,new to perform at my lounge ,an Englishman living in the Hague 

and well known in the Cambridge folk ambiance…great stuff to listen too….

Then was followed by the amazingly Gwendolyn de Boer,who played at her 

harp so well again and change the lounge into a very intimate setting with 

her most lovely voice…..

They both could play 5 minutes longer, cause helas at the last moment Bart 

van Beeveren with friends couldnt make it to join in…

Maarten &me finsished it off by singing the lovely sweet romantic song Ïets 

goeds komt ook onverwacht”,he wrote to me almost 12,5 years ago ,when I can 

into his life and which I sung at his special birthday party in 2018,making the 

link to hopefully my special birthdayparty in 2019 coming .Keep an eye at my 

site and fb events.

After a small break it was time to listen to Robert Lane, a very good 

singer/song writer from Birmingham who waited quiet a long time to get his 

chance to perform at my lounge. He was good ! Lovely to listen to and he 

gives it a bonus to play also at the jamsession afterwards with one of my 

favourite songs “Goodnight Irene”

Then it was time for the garden buffet, so nicely made by Sheri, Mim’s 

daughter ,who helped me with the whole happening so very much.

After the buffet time for the most wonderful Lady of the folk Miriam 

Erasmus,coming back fort he third time to my lounge ,celebrating her special 

birthday too. This time she played a long set and ….Once again she was 

superb. Her choice of songs &tunes,her chorusses &interaction with the 

audience it was all we wanted…

Short break and then two sets with interval from HECLA,that amazing 

young Scottish folkgroup Maarten&me spotted last summer playing at 

Ullapool,next to Joseph Peach &Charlie Grey. Wonderful to catch them

finally for my lounge and a little emotinal too, cause we saw them just a few 

days before Maarten got his heartattack and it was because of them we think 

Maarten did feel so well in Scotland on that campingsite, because they give 

him the right energy at the right moment…Otherwise….

Lovely music played with great energy,bringing us back tot the Highlands of 


Great jamsession after too. Thank you al lso much who did made this all 

possible. !!!A good way to ending this last Summerfolk end of season party !

Last night fun ….

Sunday afternoon May 13…Mothers day…

BUT in the end some people could make it and said I was their mother of 

the loungeconcerts. SO that was a honour to be.

Because of Liesbeth Peeters I was able to catch this great trio of musicians…I 

came back from my Scarborough holiday in time and it was totally worth….It 

was an amazing afternoon with last night fun….Who is: (from their site)

Chris Sherburn and Denny Bartley bringing their unique sound to audiences across 

Europe and America since the early 1990s, when a chance meeting at a music 

session created one of folk music's most enduring partnerships.

Known for their soul stirring songs, exhilarating tunes and a love of the craic, Chris 

(concertina) and Denny (guitar and vocals) ensure that no two concerts are ever the 


Chris grew up surrounded by folk music of all kinds - his home was a regular haunt 

for passing folk singers and musicians. Denny, born in Co. Limerick, is drawn to the 

inheritance of age-old slides, slow airs, slip jigs and wild reels.

Founder members of the band Last Night's Fun which received international 

acclaim and a loyal fan base over 11 years together, the duo are now joined by the 

wonderful fiddle player and singer Emily Sanders. Emily brings magic 

accompaniment and beautiful harmonies

It was the first time Emily played in The Netherlands,so I was very lucky

 ….Hope to catch them back one day,cause it was absolutely wonderful. 

Thank you so much all who joined in and special thanks to casper de weerd 

who came in to enjoy himself and made pictures too ,thinking it was the 

party of the season ,cause of the name last night fun …..

Kyle Carey with Erin Martell

Sundayafternoon April 15

And back she came this most wonderful singer/songwriter from USA ,who 

called herself in the genre of Gaelic Americana.; Kyle Carey Because she 

loves the Gaelic language and went to live at the Isle of Skye to learn it 

properly ,sho she could sing into this beautiful language.And she most 

certainly does. A lot of songs sounds in the lounge, a capella and with 


And in the lovely company of a new face for the lounge the lovely lady Erin 

Martell from Cape Breton ,Canada. It was a superb surprise to catch her for 

my lounge too. She opened the first set with two great songs and gave me her 

cd afterwards ,which I allready put on the player in the evening and which 

sounds amazing. So does Kyle’s third cd….Beautiful ….So was the whole 

atmosphere of two very enthusiastic Ladies .

Kyle said she like dit so much to come back in my lounge And its bizar to r

ealize that really 5 years went by when she came first time, that time in the 

company of Craigh Werth, a great musician and Ronnie Goodin ,who was 

planning to come along also this time,but because of troubles with a 

complicated broken leg they decided they have to short his tour,so no 

Ronnie helas.But like he wrote to me Kyle &Erin did also very well without 


Very enjoyable afternoon with a totally different jamsession after, cause this 

time it seems there weren’t that much musicians to play .Lucky me there

were still two Ladies who did,so we could enjoy the playing together(never 

meet before) of Adri Richter,who is into Robert Burns now with Joke 

Verdoold,who played so nice at her lovely harp.

A bonus was the performance of Desiree Jansen, a new upcoming Dutch 

writer who did introduce her first novel :”vrij onder de sluier” She even 

changed herself into a Lady of Saoedie-Arabia and did her act in Dutch 

AND English too. So Kyle and Erin could also understand the whole story .

Thanks all ! And special thanks to Jessica Willems&Willem Bakker who 

helped me so much during this afternoon.  

Fred Piek/Maarten Willems trio

En toen werd het April en na een fantastische set&session op tweede 

paasdag van Baile from Scotland (zie verslag bij other events)was er 

gelegenheid voor nog meer muziek activiteit in mijn lounge het was voor de 

4e keer de beurt aan Fred Piek versus het Maarten Willems trio (mooie vrij 

nieuwe combi van Gertjan Kaijen en Frank Verlaan met Maarten Willems 

himself)Fred de geweldige zanger van o.a.Fungus en Amazing Stroopwafels 

bleek wederom in voor een geweldige performance,gecombineerd met 

grappen her en der t.o. het trio van Maarten Willems. Een mooie kues van 

ballads bracht hij ten gehore en ook gaf hij graag gehoor aan de 

verzoeknummers,die een aantal mensen van het publiek hem graag wilde 

horen zingen. ook de set van Maarten Willems trio liep als een trein,mooie 

gevoelige songs ,sommige geinspireerd op de gastvrouwe...,afgewisseld met 

gezellige meezingers ,die inmiddels bekend bij het publiek,of meteen in het 

hoofd bleven zitten werden vol overgave gezongen. Heerlijk inspirend 

allemaal Mooie sfeer,fijn publiek ,leuke session na afloop en veel special 

thanks to Jessica Willems,die mij wederom zo geweldig bijstond in de 

keuken.....Op naar t volgende concert in April (coming soon )

Greg Russell&Ciaran Algar

March 25 –Sunday afternoon

With those lovely musicians. One of my favourite English folkduo’s

Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar

WHAT a party it was to catch them again for my lounge.

As Greg came solo for the first time at September 2014 ,he said;”when this 

gig will work out I ll come back another time with me mate…”

AND so he did, he celebrated my Summerfolkparty 8 with Ciaran Algar in

 June 2016 It became happy moments AND so they were yesterday.

Because they are amazing.!! Such a most impressing beautiful voice Greg 

Russell has

Such a wonderful amzing fidlle player Ciaran Algar is (I do like his voice too,

very impressed when he started the song he wrote himself.

Great jokes, great interaction and lots of chorusses came along at this 

afternoon in the Spring of 2019.

Even the wheater was good to us, so we could have a break in the garden 

,which was nessecary cause it was a full house. Which made me happy and 

the boys from Sheffield and Manchester deserved so much

Lucky me I hope to be able to catch them at Sidmouth folk week this 

summer. Allready looking forward,cause listening to these muisicans with 

their choice of music ,their voices and playing does make me smile all the 

time and brings the sun in my life. !!

Thanks to all who joined in and tot he wonderful Greg&Ciaran

Hope to see you many more times in future.

Katryn Roberts&Sean Lakeman

WHAT a lovely way to celebrate Valentine’s day this Februari 14 with the 

performance of the wonderful duo :Katryn Roberts&Sean Lakeman from 

Devon at my lounge.

They did make a really lovely performance with a good choice of all different 

songs and tunes.

The atmosphere was very cosy and it was good to discover “new” and “old” 

faces among the audience.

I felt honoured they found my home to play in during their first real tour in 

The Netherlands. A nice combination for them to be able to take their lovely 

twingirls with them to discover something more from the history and 

sightseeing in Holland.

Lovely time together with me and family&friends before and after the gig 

was a bonus.

Like Koen and Dick from Zaandam folk said after the gig they played their 

last Sunday.IT was really something very very special Thank you ever SO 

much for coming along Katryn&Sean and all the people from the audience 

once again !!!

I did enjoy all the moments


What a good idea it was to catch Craobh Rua back at my lounge What n 

amazing band they are The way they played all together , the jigs&reels ,the 

tunes&ballads songs it all was a very good mix From very much energic 

dancing tunes ( How lovely it was to dance once again with Maarten 

Willems at my kitchen ) over to romantical songs was all sorted out so 

well by these lovely sympatic musiciand from Ireland They really did 

transform the totally full booked cosy lounge into Ireland ... it did feel soooo 

good as did the so special sound of the uleannpipe played so well this great 

slow air ... The atmosphere all together waa very cosy indeed We all did 

enjoy the buffet stuff brought by many and made by the host Afterwards

 there was a very nice jamsession although the band was only able to stay for 

a very short meet & greet It didnt really matter cause people were happy 

anyway Enjoyed the moments Special thanks to Rieke & Cora who sorted 

out and prepared the buffet table And to Joost and Maarten making such 

wonderful picts once again !! 


Flossie Malavialle &Chris Parkinson

And the she came back to the lounge :Flossie Malavialle

This lovely Lady musician from France,living in UK and also British now 

with the great player Chris Parkinson living at Whitby for 30 years.

Many people cancelled this concert at the last moment, but luckily enough 

other people helped to get the lounge filled in with others.

Because of fever and cold Karin wasn’t able to hosted as she liked to do.

BUT so lucky with the people who helped to step in for her So everything 

could go on as normal .

Special thanks to organisator Maarten Willems,helping as always ,the 

“boterkoek”baked and brought by Willem Bakker and the support and 

helping hands of Jessica Willems & Lara van Kouwenhoven It wouldnt do 

without them SO it all did work out in the end.

And the show could go on for Flossie and Chris,who were knackered 

themselves because of a rough night not sleeping at the ferry ,they did 

manage to perform a once again lovely gig.Great voice sounded in the 

lounge once again ,combinated with great tunes .

Despite the flue in Januari it seems to be a lovely night for those who could 

manage to come along.

The session seems to be very compact ,but Maarten Willems and Simon Oak 

did play very well together……!Thanks.

DAITHI RUA ,with Katja van der Poorten

2017 Dec 9

Daithi Rua with Katja van der Poorten

The last gig of this year

AND the HE came back. One of my favourite Irish singer/songwriters

Who was so kind to come along when I just started with this houseconcerts 

in 2009.

He was the first male musician at my lounge from elsewhere and it was he 

who started this funny habit with sheep,So I ended with a real mascotte for 

my lounge and got of lot of amazing picts with him too.

After his start at my lounge he was doing other opening of the seasons 

concerts for some years after and so it happened he performed at my lounge

 for the SIXTH time….

He found it more space now cause he didnt have to play in my kitchen 


With support other times from the former Teetotallers and later on Tijn 

Berends he was now without support ,but with the lovely Katja van de 

Poorten from Vlaanderen ,who played so lovely on her fiddle to give some 

songs of Daith even more power.

The live cd he sold about this songs with Katja_Live at Mechelen is amazing 

good !

Like the night was amazing good…once more…..

It was also lovely to realize that so many people of the audience were brave 

enough to ignore the badly heavenly wheater forecast and were still able to 


So no worries about the expectede snow I could give this really superb 

duperb singer a well filled in lounge.

New songs&old songs came at my lounge and it all was so good to listen 


How I love his lyrics ,his entertaining and his voice. !!

Also very special to listen to dedicated songs to one of my daughters and me.

Thank you so much Daith and Katja…please come along again…


Okt 2017

What a superb duperb night we had, just on a Thursdaynight in October. 

Cause Winter Wilson was starting their tour in Germany and were able to 

come along before that to perform at my lounge.

People told me about them ,how good they were etc etc.I listened to you 

tube But to be honest I didnt hear them live performing before .So what to 


Well it was overwhelming to hear them sing at my lounge. I love their voices, 

so pure and honest,so folky I love their songs, their lyrsics,the choice they 

make from singing songs from other musicians. Very touching the way they 

told their stories, about two musician I adore very much and who recently 

left this life,a lost fort he folkscene: Nick Keir and Vin Garbut.

Very special to Kip and Dave theirselves. Cause as Kip told :”Once upon a 

time Nick was Kip’s boyfriend and after that episode they were able to stay 

good friends.

And Vin helped them out and starting much up fort hem He said several 

times at a folkclub “Why on earth you didnt book in Winter Wilson in ?” 

And after that there came a telephone call quite often from the folkclubs to 

invite them .

Kip &Dave living in Lincolnshire now. Dave has his roots, as for Kip she 

could understand a little Dutch,(and warned us about)was born In Germany 

(by accident) and lived in Limburg (NL)for about 5 years and has her roots of 

mum’s family at Lewis and during the session afterwards it even happened 

she was able to sing in Gaelic language,cause that was once her firts 

language How I did love that part !!!

Funny stories too ,about their 9 grandchildren,who are the reason they tour 


To make a long story short we had a great time all together, a night which 

started with not to many people and a support of Heime Kijf,who did meet 

Winter Wilson a few time at Chester Folk festival …

During the night ,just before the gig of Winter Wilson started, there came 

people along unexpected (somehow it didnt out them on my list ) BUT they 

were most welcome offcourse ,cause that way we filled the room in and the 

atmosphere became even more cosy .

A good early autum night.

.AND celebrationtime too at 00.05h cause totally unexpected Kip said “Well 

my husband its your birthday…so happy birthday to you “

So we ended with singing a Dutch birthday song to him


Zondagmiddag 8 Oktober

And there they came :Marion Fleetwood&Gregg Cave.

After travelling by plain,by car,by tram ,only no boat Marion said,it was a 

very busy weekend for them.

BUT amazing how much energy they have left...they could play with the j

amsession afterwards also,which much passion and that was great,as it was 

to have a session with two harps,two fiddles&guitar playing too,lovely 

voices and very special a Lady from Cambodja singing a traditional of her 

own country and superb to be able to dance with some other folkies from 

the lounge audience on music of Brittany.

THIS all happened after a most wonderful performance with the gig Marion 

Fleetwood&Gregg Cave.

Marion from Stratford upon Avon, I first meet when she performed years 

ago with The Gigantics and Gregg from Northampton ,who I only just meet 


How happy to discovered they were so much worth to be booked in ,so once 

again I was so Lucky to catch such a lovely folkduo at my lounge.

The interaction,the choice for songs&tunes it all fitted in so well and with a 

very good feeling we ended this meeting at about 20.30u

Thank you ever so much Fleetwood/Cave to come along and thank you all 

who came along,stayed in for the buffet/meet*greet and session too....!


Enda Kenny


Enda ,that fantastic singer/somngwriter with Irish roots,living in Australia 

did finally find the way to my lounge. I was so lucky to catch him on my 

path,cause he was touring in UK and was ok with a weekend tour in the 


It was all planned more then two years ago,since I listened to his beautiful 

song “Heart tattoo.Very coinscidently (or not?) I listened to this song just a 

day after one of my best friends Dennis Evans from England died…

The lyrics of the song and Enda’s lovely voice helped me through during this 

difficult episode in my life.Also knowing for sure Den would have love this 

song very much too,cause he was ever so fond of folkmusic and we often 

listen together to the song Absent friends ,beautiful sung by Vin 

Garbutt.Another song which gives me (us)goosebumps.

So it meant something when Enda sung this song at request before the 

break,also to the rest of the audience and very special to Adri Richter,who 

loved the song also very much .She sung it for me once when she was able to 

learn it herself.

SO were all his other songs…great …what an atmosphere and what a 

storyteller this musician is…How funny his song about the escape from 

Ikea….The way he expressed was amazing I just could see it happening..

It was a pity Enda couldn’t stay in after for meet&greet/buffet cause he did 

have to catch his plane back to UK that night,

Happy he still find time for some picts with my sheep.

And great was the jamsession anyway….lovely buffet and being together…

special thanks to Jan Nijkamp,Maarten Willems,Linda van Twist, Joke 

Verdoold and Heimen Kijf…who made their appereance at the jam

.AND all the listeners …is was lovely once again a very special afternoon to 

remember…Thank you all…



What a great openingnight we had …

Just on a Tuesdaynight,which is very unsual for a houseconcert it happened 

to be Jayne Freeman and Adam Piggot (WILDWOOD JACK)came along to 

perform at my house and to make the kick-off for the houseconcerts new 


This special duo from England was on the road finishing their tour in 

Denmark to the ferry in the Hook of Holland,so it was possible to catch 

them there before they sailed away..

AND how happy I was able to do that…cause we had a most wonderful start 

of the new season.Great interaction with the audience and lovely songs 

played by them.Very enjoyable…As also was the jamsession after…great to 

see musicians back and loved to listen to them all. Thank you ever so much 

for staying and playing and also to the audience who came along even it was 

a gig in the middle of the week.

A night to remember .It did brings lots of positive atmosphere around…..

Summerfolk 9

Kieran Halpin/Dan McKinnon

June 2017-

How lovely my end of seasonparty was once again.

Happy to be able to do so,to organize,to catch musicians for my lounge and 

to see all those enthusiastic people in the audience,making time to travel and 

come along,part of them even bringing heavy instruments,cause they liked 

to play at the jamsession afterwards.

This time there was an open mic for three gentleman,(in the end it became 4 


Starter was the good musician Bart van Beeveren,always good to listen to 

him and see him perform and offcourse I was hoping for a”Dougie Mac 

Lean”song…and he did…lucky me.Great it had a good chorus too,so the 

audience joined in and the atmosphere was there…the start of my party.

Because we started early not everyone was able to join in already and send 

me messages to arrive later…A pity for Bart,but it didn’t seem to disturb 

him,he was happy enough to play for less people then expected and didn’t 

mind the door bell ringing time after time…AND the people who were 

already in,made it well for him too,cause they sing and clapped even louder.

Second it was turn to Jan Nijkamp,asked by me a little bit on the last 

moment ,cause the original planned in Rob van Leersum couldn’t make it 

this time after all. SO there was Jan…again and we all enjoyed…lovely 

voice…..good performance no doubt.

Number 3 for the open mic was the almost everytime there (at my 

Summerfolk parties )Musonius(Martijn Breeman),BUT he wasn’t there at 

the right time , due circumstances…SO happy enough anout the fact there 

were more musicians in my lounge and so it happened that we had a great 

song from Jan van der Kler,very well done ,AND the special guest from 

England,allways a pleasure to listen to too Terry Helyar So happy these two

men were ready to perform so totally unexpected.

Then breaktime for the buffet,helas not set out in the garden this time,but 

lucky enough we could stand outside to eat.Special thanks to Marianne 

(kippetjespan)En Jan van der Klei,voor de onovertroffen chilli…..(always 

different,but always good!!)

Then at 18.15 time to listen to Cathinca van Sprundel (former 

Teetotallers)with her presentation of the book De Vrouwe van Mirdyn with 

music &singing from Gwendolyn Snowdon (Finvarra) What a great 

combination they did made. Very well done very celtic Very welcome .A big 

compliment to them both..and how lovely looks to book I can hardly wait to 

start and what a pleasure Cathinca signed for me and wrote some very sweet 

sentences for me..

Happy enough Musonius did arrive later on and thanks to Kieran making no 

problems about the fact he could sing his 15 minutes just before him.Needs 

no more to tell.Once again he was very good. He said the promised cd will 

come next year.The request from Jan Nijkamp did bring a lot of laughter.

Then finally time for Kieran Halpin ,started his long set at 19.30..Back after 

so many years it was a great pleasure to listen to him once again.His 

lyrics,tunes&singing everything fitted.

A lovely surprise was the fact that at his last number to play he invited Dan 

Mc Kinnon to join in …it was so special to see these two gentleman together 

on stage

After a short break finally time (2045) to start the first set with the great Dan 

Mc Kinnon.All the way from Canada finally in The Netherlands,

Almost 3 years ago I booked him in allready I couldn’t squeeze him in then