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Set&session 8 *Sept 2019

BAILE ,back in the lounge since Easter 2018...How absolutely amazing they were all again. Just listen&watch and we were all in Scotland.Great sounds when the piper came in,and loely whistley playing of Cameron Sharp ,Callum Convoy on the bodhran and Eaun at the guitar .Hopefully they will find the way again


BAILE is an exciting new four piece based in Glasgow......

A new, up and coming band in the hub of the Glasgow 

trad scene: with: Scottish Border Pipes, Whistles, with 

the backing of Bodhran& Guitar.

starring: Evan McLaughlin,

Cameron Sharp &

    Callum Convoy

:BAILE came before at set&session 6

AND I did wrote about :

2018 Maandag 2 April The very special easter 

set&session ( number 6 of all the set&sessions ) was 

played by the most wonderful amazing young talented 

folkband BAILE (meaning home in Gaelic)who played so 

beautiful that I could imagine I was walking on Lewis 

again between the Callanish stones .......AND 

set&session8 felt exactly the same or even better.......

I love them....!


Nov 2018:

Simon Kempston

&Robbie Greig

We all had a 

wonderful night with this most wonderful musicians....!

Two unique talents return to The Hague to perform thought-provoking, evocative, original songs in a wonderfully intimate setting. Simon Kempston's beautifully crafted folk-tinged material showcases his incredible, distinctive and intricate fingerstyle guitar work – an exciting blend of the folk-baroque, blues and classical styles, and his gently nuanced, compelling tenor vocals. An inspiring, poetic lyricist, Simon's live performances are intense andimpassioned, the subject matter chiefly Scottish, yet with

universal appeal. This special set and session in conjunction with leading Scottish fiddle player & BBC Young Trad Musician Finalist of the year Robbie Greig is not to be missed. 'One of Scotland's very best singer-songwriters' (Sunday Herald). 'Stunning talent' (@WeAreSTV). Beautiful tunes, infinitely talented' (BBC Radio 3).

BAILE from Scotland


2018 Maandag 2 April The very special easter set&session ( number 6 of all the set&sessions ) was played by the most wonderful amazing young talented folkband BAILE (meaning home in Gaelic)who played so beautiful that I could imagine I was walking on Lewis again between the Callanish stones .......

A new, up and coming band in the hub of the Glasgow trad scene: with: Scottish Border Pipes, Whistles, with the backing of Bodhran & Guitar.starring: Evan McLaughlin,

Cameron Sharp &

               Callum Convoy

Baile is an exciting new four piece based in Glasgow

Woooh what a lovely set&session 4 it was at Sept 27th with the great folkband from Scotland EABHAL...I did love e v e r y moment,what an amazing musicians they are:Nicky Kirk,Megan McDonald,Jamie McDonald and Hamish Hepburn..a legendary moment also when the highland pipe made his entrance at my lounge....Please come back !!

There was a GREAT set&session 5 at my lounge at Friday Nov 3 with DAVE MUNELLY ,solo and lots of enthuastic musicians and listeners. It was all in an amazing lovely atmosphere. I still can feel the energy..Hopefully Dave will come back later in time to do a whole gig solo or in a project. I certainly will follow this lovely Irish musician,who is a lovely person too.

WHAT an overwhelmg doubleset&session 3it was with

Chris Green &Sophie Matthew from England and the trio from Scotland :Joseph Peach(back from Tannara)and Charlie Grey with Mabel Duncan..just back from Royal

Albert Hall because nominatede for the BBC folkaward....It was a well by coinsidence combinated set ...firts to start the lopvely Sophie and Chris from Coventry,woyh al;l thise lovely instrumenst ,bringing us back to last centuries and later on the lovely music played by Joe and Charlie all the way down from the high up far away Higlands from the middle of nowhere...sung by Mabel ...IT WAS GREAT...also the lovely session with the audience(players and listerners)Thank you all who came along....!!

April 2017- 

SET&Session 2


March 9-with TANNARA,

Do you remember the fantastic whistle player from the Mischa Mc Phersontrio ??

WELL its this great musician who comes along at the first set&session at Karins He and

his two mates ,also lovely musicians .A vey talented young trio from Scotland will play just one set and stays so YOU can join in with them to play a session !!



9 Maart 2016


=Owen Sinclair(guitar/vocals)Becca Skeoch(clarsach)Cameron Ross(fiddle /vocals)Joseph Peach (accordeon)

Important to mention the fact that this time Cameron wasnt the fiddleplayer, but Robbie…..from Edinburgh joined the group and was doing this most wonderful !!!Thank you so much

Owen Sinclair (Guitar/Vocals),

All the way from Scotland they came as friends from Ali Levack they discovered the lounge(how happy I am about that ,cause it means they also wants to come back in future time for a real gig and it became a real Scottish night within a lovely atmosphere, because the way they perform did gave such most wonderful energy and interaction with the audience who joined in later on at the second half for the session.

There was a possibilty for everyone who came to start there own activity, so there was lots of different songs and tunes and sometimes it fits all-in to play together…

It all was marvellous …..!Thanks to all who came along,new faces too…spread the word for other times to come and special thanks to Tannara…..


We Are


Owen Sinclair (Guitar/Vocals), Becca Skeoch (Clarsach), Cameron Ross (Fiddle/Vocals) and Joseph Peach (Accordion)

Teuchters at heart, our music stems from a collective love of playing trad music. 

What we play is a collection of tunes and songs. Most from Scotland, some self-penned and occasionally drawing from traditions across the globe. Our intricate arrangements are delivered with a complete focus on collective sound and total joy.

Formed in late 2014, Tannara was initially intended as an outlet for our own compositions. Over subsequent months, our music has grown to reflect our varied individual musical experiences.

The resulting music has been enjoyed by a range of audiences over the past 9 months, including at the: Celtic Connections Festival, Stonehaven Folk Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Summer Isles Festival, and Nordland Festival, as well as a host of venues and folk clubs. 

 Looking forward, 2016 is an exciting prospect, with the release of a debut recording, and a busy summer of gigs at a range of festivals and venues across Europe. More information on this will become available over the coming months. 

“One of 


brightest new 

up and coming bands”.


folk festival

Set&Session 1




Woe 6 Januari -

aanvang 20u (huis open vanaf 1930)

Jan 7 :

Yeh coming back to wonderful it is to realize the first set &session at my lounge was a big succes. SO many enthousiastic musicians among the audience,who played ever so well with those virtuoze three guys from Scotland.....

Ali M. Levack,the lovely whistleplayer and piper ,we allready saw at the lounge with the Mischa McPherson trio at my Summerfolk7 end of season party last June

(his bio says:Ali has been immersed in Scottish traditional music since the age of nine, when a family friend started teaching him the pipes.,..........Ali has used his skills recently accompanying a wide range of singers and musicians including Mischa MacPherson, Dougie Maclean and even Kylie Minogue. ) did bring his mates :

Craig Irving , an amazing guitarist ,who also plays in Talisk and I hope to see them at Sidmouth folk week his summer coming

(his bio says: 2015 saw Craig win the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award and a Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award with his project 'Talisk'. He has performed at venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Mitchell Library and at festivals such as Celtic Connections and Piping Live. Craig was a member of the 2014 Scottish Traditional Music Awards House Band.)

and the great fiddleplayer Charlie Stewart (how Scottish can a name be???)(his bio says:Charlie has performed with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland and has lead his own act at the Fife Jazz Festival.)

It was no wonder that these guys did play so well that the atmosphere in the lounge was absolutely transformed into Scotland....I could feel the energy of the lochs ,hills&mountains me allways giving very close by...HOPE to catch them back later in time for another session (when they should be suddenly on the road) OR for a real houseconcert,when we can plan it in in time.....MEANWHILE if you find time for tomorrow or Saturday go to Mulligans van Mulligans at Amsterdam they will play two gigs there !!!!!!


Vaak zijn /waren jullie aanwezig bij mijn huisconcerten.

En graag ga ik hier mee door en hoop jullie daar ook weer te begroeten...

ECHTER: ER komen weleens opmerkingen, als :"Jammer dat de sessie na afloop zo kort is" 

EN er komen mailtjes van fantastische muzikanten ,die on the road zijn en graag bij mij in de lounge willen spelen...nog meer huisconcerten in een seizoen proppen is ondoenlijk,

Nee zeggen tegen zo'n aanbod echter ook.

VANDAARUIT is er een nieuw concept in mijn brein ontstaan, called:


In het kader hiervan zullen er een aantal keren per jaar avonden gaan ontstaan, waarbij ik jullie graag zie verschijnen, om kennis te maken met de muzikant(en) een setje naar ze te luisteren (c 40 minuten ) en dan samen met deze muzikanten een sessie te spelen/of te luisteren.

Dit alles in de informele opstelling van een cirkel in mijn lounge.

De eerste set&session die plaats gaat vinden is op:

Woensdagavond 6 Januari- aanvang 20.00u,

zodat de sessie om 21u kan starten

Dan komen deze fantastic young talented musicians from Scotland:


Levack ,Stewart ,Irving is the combined forces of Ali Levack (Pipes and Whistles), Charlie Stewart (Fiddle) and Craig Irving (Guitar).

The band brings together three of Glasgow's brightest young folk musicians to create a sound where improvisation is key but always with a grounding in the traditional.

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Craig Irving plays with the band Talisk Winners of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award.

WiL je graag hierbij zijn, kijk in je (nieuwe )agenda en meld je meteen aan.

nl: beperkt aantal plaatsen !!!(limited places)

Tel : 0703296864/0625488654 of per mailantwoord

(binnenkort ook als event op Facebook )

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